Analytics and AI

Build context – Apply Artificial Intelligence and Get Valuable Insights

Powerful Analytics with AIOps

StackState consolidates all your IT Landscape data into its powerful AIOps platform. From all kinds of sources and with all dependencies in place. Context is the ultimate base for applying Artificial Intelligence. The more context you have. The more value you’ll get out of it. Learn more here.

Anomaly Detection

StackState has built-in Artificial Intelligence to detect anomalies in your real-time data, e.g. automatically detect suspicious behaviour in your payment transactions per minute.

Health Forecast

StackState enables superior responsiveness to shifting market and end-user demand. StackState does this by using AI-based analysis. Detect patterns that go beyond those that are immediately obvious to human interpretation

Custom Artificial Intelligence

It’s your data. You know it best. StackState is an open platform and it let’s you inject your custom built Artificial Intelligence scripts. Imagine the possibilities and Insights you can get out of StackState’s data model.

Query Language for Advanced Insights

StackState is based on a powerful data model that forms an abstraction layer on top of your existing data sources. Analyze the evolution of your stack by executing any query (Gremlin) at any point in time.

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