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Topology, Telemetry and Time

Topology, Telemetry and Time are a way to model the configuration of what is going on in any IT system;
large or small, based on microservices, containers, web services, monoliths, serverless, cloud or on-premise. It doesn’t matter.
StackState is able to capture your entire IT stack in one data model across teams and tools.



Topologies in StackState are automatically updated by topology data coming from different sources. Topology data is sourced from different platforms that provision or deploy networks, virtual machines, containers and services or can be discovered via discovery agents.

Each of these sources defines one or multiple subgraphs of the stack’s topology. These topological subgraphs are automatically merged and mapped to StackState’s stack by the script engine.

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StackState is able to handle data streams coming from external IT operation systems of different sorts like topology changes, logged events and metrics. Plugins can be implemented in any language on the JVM. The plugin framework is agnostic to whether streaming data is pushed or pulled.

StackState’s plugins convert monitoring, provisioning, incident, discovery or topology data into information blobs of the corresponding type. This information is then further converted to knowledge and mapped onto the topology by StackState’s analytics and scripting abilities.

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Problems in IT stacks can usually be traced back to changes. Having a change log of everything in the stack is therefore vital. To handle changes in stack topologies we’ve built StackGraph, the worlds’ only versioned graph database. StackGraph allows StackState to go back to any time and see exactly what the stack looked like at that moment.

The web-based user-interface of StackState is equipped with a WebGL based rendering engine. Hardware accelerated graphics allow for visualizing massive topologies. The 3d visualization allows you to visualize not only the present topology, but also the past and future all in one glance.


StackState is a vendor-agnostic platform that is built on an API-first architecture. Leverage our suite of APIs to integrate with third-party tools. No vendor lock-in.

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Build for Scale

Designed to visualize and monitor thousands or millions of components. StackState scales as you grow.

Analytical Engine

By integrating multiple layers of data collection in your IT landscape, StackState delivers a seamless way to interact with IT operations management toolsets and provide an analytical engine and visualization.

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