Root Cause Analysis

Troubleshoot in record time and reduce MTTR

When something breaks, the first question is usually “What changed?” If you can't see how your topology is changing over time, you're missing an essential piece of the puzzle.

Topology-Powered Observability highlights dependencies, provides context and shows how your stack changes over time. Rapidly determine which change is the root cause of an incident so you can fix it fast.

Go straight to the root cause of incidents. Reduce time wasted triaging symptoms and crush your SLOs.

StackState automatically recommends probable root cause for any warning, anomaly or incident.

  • Get the context necessary to understand a problem by observing topology changes over time: what components are involved, how do they relate to each other and what applications are impacted?

  • Use AIOps capabilities to see when and where alerts and anomalies started, then correlate this data with changes that happened in dependent services to pinpoint the likely source of the issue.

  • Go directly to the most likely root cause in just a few clicks. Instantly see the supporting details you need to verify the problem.

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Track changes in your stack and see their effects over time.

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  • StackState captures all changes in your IT environment – from deployments to configurations, dependencies, component states and automation events.

  • Use the StackState timeline to “rewind the movie” and travel back in time to see topology, telemetry and traces across your end-to-end stack at every moment.

Click for contextualized data so you can accelerate forensic analysis and easily verify the true source of the problem.

  • Use the topology visualizer to zoom in on recommended root cause and instantly confirm the source of the issue.

  • Enhance troubleshooting by viewing all relevant metrics, logs and events on the impacted components as a problem evolved.

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How StackState’s Automated Root Cause Analysis Helps You

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Accelerate troubleshooting

Don’t waste time triaging symptoms. Find the root cause in moments instead of hours or days.

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Immediately identify the right people to solve the problem.

Save time and avoid disruptions – notify the people who need to act and leave everyone else alone. No chaotic war rooms, no finger-pointing and no “incident ping pong”.

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Provide more accurate input to ITSM and automated self- healing systems.

If you can correctly pinpoint root cause, you can create more specific tickets and also engage automatic self-healing systems.

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