Vendor Selection Matrix™: Observability Platforms

True observability provides digital and non-digital companies with contextual insight into development, IT operations and business issues. And, as independent research and consulting firm Research in Action learned, observability helps disparate teams come together to uncover new ways of working, areas for improvement and business opportunities.

Based on real-world experiences of 1,500 enterprise companies, Research In Action's latest investigation looks at observability platform market trends and takes a deep dive into must-have capabilities, including:

  • Telemetry collected across distributed data sources

  • Observability output analytics through the ingestion of multiple data points across modern hybrid and legacy environments

  • Integration into pre-existing tooling and management domain solutions

  • The ability to leverage synthetic and real-user monitoring

  • Correlation of customer and business metrics to application and infrastructure performance

  • The ability to leverage Machine Learning and AI to analyze any volume of metrics

  • Visibility across a variety of details to pinpoint why issues exist

And… StackState does all of this and more, which is why we made Research In Action's top observability vendor list.


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