Happy Customer Appreciation Day!

Mohamed Elnemr
Mohamed ElnemrImplementation Consultant at StackState
3 min read

Today is Customer Appreciation Day! Thank you so much to all of our customers. You are the reason why we’re here. 

From your praises to your constructive input, you push us to be the best version of ourselves. And for that, we’re grateful. That’s why we’d like to take this opportunity to thank you not just for your business, but for how amazing you are to work with. 

Here are five reasons we appreciate you:  

  1. For being the absolute best humans. From mid-market to enterprises, to product owners to solutions architects, you all are talented people with a rich and diverse set of perspectives. We feel lucky to listen and learn from you. 

  2. For your openness and willingness to work on features. Thank you for implementing our Obeservability and AIOps platform in so many areas of your business and continuing to help us improve functionality – some of you have even become design partners to evaluate new features or technologies. It’s amazing to see the problems you are solving with our products.  

  3. For championing us in your organization. It warms our hearts knowing that you support us just as much as we support you! Thank you for your positivity and sharing your observability experiences with others in your organization. 

  4. For cheerfully working through issues with us and offering valuable feedback. We love that you’re candid with us, sharing the things you like about our products and services –as well as the things you think we can do better at. Being honest and upfront about your opinions helps us ensure your next experience is always better than the last. 

They say it takes months to find a customer and only seconds to lose one, which is why at StackState, everything starts with our customers. Without your support, positivity and also willingness to work through issues, we wouldn’t be able to deliver the same products and services that we have over the last eight years.  

So, to all our customers: THANK YOU for every bit of your support on Customer Appreciation Day. You are the best!