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New StackPod Episode: Best Practices for AWS Observability With Russell Foster of StackState

Annerieke Kortier
Annerieke KortierContent marketing manager
2 min read

We’re excited to share that we are celebrating our tenth podcast episode! For this episode, we invited Russell Foster. As a DevOps engineer at StackState, Russell is responsible for making sure our SaaS product runs smoothly on AWS. 

Over the years, Russell has worked at both startups and more mature companies, where his responsibilities ranged from keeping things up and running in cloud environments to making sure hybrid and on-premise environments remain stable and reliable. In short, with all of that experience in monitoring and observability at different types of companies, we were pretty confident Russell is the perfect person to talk to about best practices for AWS observability. We’re glad he said yes!

So when you are running apps in cloud environments like AWS (as we do with StackState’s observability solution for cloud native environments), there are some observability challenges that pop up. In this episode, Russell talks to Anthony about some of those challenges:

  • What does observability for SaaS solutions on AWS look like? What features and capabilities are crucial compared to observability for on-premise environments?

  • Why did StackState choose AWS to run our SaaS solution on? What did we learn from that?

  • How can you make sure you’re scaling your SaaS product in the most effective and cost-efficient way? 

And much more. So, without further ado - go ahead and listen to the podcast episode here. There, you will also find a written transcript of the recording. Enjoy the episode!