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Right Product, Right Team, Right Time: Why I Joined StackState

martin lako
Martin Lako
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I can't avoid talking a little bit about my background, but I will keep it short. My IT career started in 1996, which sounds like quite some time ago… and it actually is. Throughout these 20+ years, I have fulfilled multiple roles: System Administrator, System Engineer, Support Engineer, Field Engineer, Consultant, and finally Product Manager. A personal and professional growth path, from a technical guy to a “man in the middle” operating on the intersection of technology and foremost delivering what’s best for customers, because that is where my heart is: customers!

About a year ago it became clear to me: it is time for a change. Then a journey starts finding my next challenge and step in my personal and professional career. That what I am searching for should match my true passion for customers combined with cool leading technology.

Jeroen Storm, (Sales Director at StackState, with whom I have worked together before) gave me a phone call and invited me for “a cup of coffee”. He immediately got my attention, once he started telling me about the vision of this cool Dutch startup. I’ve talked to quite some companies in my journey, but I sensed something really cool was going on here.

And so it happened, I joined the StackState rocketship!

Why StackState?

#1: Company Culture and Vibe

Company culture and vibe are very important to me. This cool Dutch tech company got it all. A very talented team of over 30 people, with 12 different nationalities. All subject matter experts in their areas, very committed, and with a can-do mentality. Don’t wait, just do it! It made me smile because I am an entrepreneur and I do not like waiting until something happens. It probably will never happen.

#2: Enthusiastic Customers

Customers, it is all about our customers. As a delivery manager, I am responsible for the customers who adopted our innovative technology into their companies. Each and every customer I’ve talked to in my first 4 weeks, is very excited about the AIOps technology and the quick ROI of this platform. And we have just started.

Each and every customer I have talked to in my first 4 weeks, is very excited about the AIOps technology and the quick ROI of this platform.

#3: Innovative AIOps Technology

Cool innovative technology, that’s what matters and attracts customers. How can we help them to stay relevant and be innovative? StackState is not just another monitoring platform. I will not dive into features, capabilities and technology now, but we are on the eve of a new market: AIOps (Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations). And guess what, Gartner recognized StackState as key vendor in the AIOps category…😏

StackState is offering the right product, at the right time, with the right team. The entire team is committed to the company's continued success, and I'm thrilled to be part of this great journey. Let's bring this cool and innovative platform, together with our customers, to the next level and become the leader in the AIOps market. Are you ready?