StackState Announces AWS Cloud Monitoring

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Martin van Vliet
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As IT Operations professionals, these are interesting times. Infrastructure is evolving faster than ever, with Continuous Delivery speeding up both software and infrastructure delivery. Adding cloud infrastructure to the mix provides a further challenge -- how are you going to monitor your IT environment if it is split between your own data centers and the cloud? 

AWS Cloud Monitoring with StackState

As you start taking your first steps in moving workloads to the cloud, as soon as you migrate your first workload, your monitoring is effectively broken. The cloud provider supplies monitoring tools that let you know about their infrastructure, but does not see what happens in your data center and vice versa. Problems often occur at the intersection between these two sides and knowing where a fix must be applied is crucial.

Today, we are excited to announce that StackState extends its next-gen monitoring and AIOps technology to the AWS cloud. 

No matter the cloud, infrastructure or application, StackState creates a real-time map of your dynamic environment and monitors its health, helping you find and fix any problem within seconds. Using StackState to monitor your AWS environment will help you to: 

  • Get a real-time picture of your entire environment including relationships between on-prem and AWS components.

    Value for you: no more blind spots and immediately know when and how one component is impacting other components or even the business.

  • Collect all relevant metrics in one place.

    Value for you: understand the full context and monitor the health of your components.

  • Accelerate root cause analysis. Even if they cross cloud and on-prem boundaries.

    Value for you: faster troubleshooting with less resources and more time to spend on innovation.

  • Apply predictive analytics.

    Value for you: get alerted before an issue occurs to take corrective actions for a stable and efficient infrastructure.

  • Keep track of your evolving environment and take informed cloud decisions.

    Value for you: plan, migrate and run with confidence and realize business value from your cloud initiatives.

StackState provides full stack visibility across cloud and on-premise environments

StackState AWS integration includes in-depth monitoring of major AWS services, including ELB, API gateway, EC2, ECS, Lambda, DynamoDB and S3. Going one step further, StackState maps AWS CloudWatch telemetry onto your components, monitoring their health and alerting you to issues when necessary.

Starting today, StackState delivers an all-in-one monitoring solution for companies migrating to the AWS cloud.

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