StackState's Health Forecasting

Artem Grotov
Artem Grotov
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What is the Health Forecasting feature?

The Health Forecast feature is the first of its kind that offers functionalities based on Artificial Intelligence (AI). It applies Machine Learning (ML) to forecast the future values of component data streams. It also calculates the time when specific streams will cross a threshold. This way, StackState's next-gen monitoring and AIOps platform will let let you know when a particular component becomes unhealthy. An important feature that can save time, labor and money.

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Use cases of the Health Forecast feature

Because the Heath Forecast feature applies Machine Learning, it is very versatile. A few examples of use cases of this feature are:

  • Showing you several streams such as latency, error rate and memory or disk utilization for database components.

  • Predicting business KPI's for business components.

  • Predicting saturation and the number of packets passing through a network router.

  • Managing storage systems by quickly identifying which storage units will run out of space, allowing a system operator to allocate more storage properly.

These are just a few examples of use cases of the Health Forecast feature. Are you wondering if StackState has the solution to your specific use case? Get in touch with us.

Installing the Health Forecast feature

The Health Forecast feature will be ready to install in the upcoming release. It's easy to install and does not require extensive configuration. You don't need to have any knowledge about Machine Learning. The user does not have to tune any algorithms or set values of any parameter. The only thing a user has to do is to select a component and let StackState perform a health forecast – the rest happens automatically.

About StackState

StackState is the leading monitoring and AIOps platform for hybrid IT. The platform combines and analyzes metrics, logs, events, and data beyond typical monitoring data, like Google Analytics, CMDBs, CI/CD tools, service registries, automation, and incident management tools. The 4T Data Model® is the core of StackState's monitoring and AIOps platform and the main driver for all real-time monitoring, automation, and predictive capabilities. It combines big data, artificial intelligence, and topology visualization to instantly pinpoint the root cause of (predicted) incidents and improve business alignment. The platform helps organizations make better decisions faster and avoid high severity outages while utilizing their current IT investments. StackState's growing customer list encompasses a range of industries — from finance, telecom, to managed service providers — and includes global enterprises like IBM Global Services, Vodafone, KPN Telecom, and ABN AMRO Bank as well as local innovators, such as NS International and Schuberg Philis. Could you use this? Book a guided tour with one of our StackState experts and discover how StackState makes your life easier.