Survey: Are You Using an Observability Solution, Implementing One, Actively Planning for It or Thinking About It?

Heidi Gilmore
Heidi Gilmore
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Please share your input on observability for the good of the IT community (you could also win a $250 Amazon gift card)!

Whether you’ve just started your observability journey or haven’t started one at all, Techstrong Research is here to help the industry gain insights into observability with their “Observability at the Speed of Innovation 2022” survey, sponsored by StackState. TechStrong Research, an industry analyst and consulting group focused on the business outcomes of disruptive technologies, is researching where organizations are in their observability journey. (Obviously, a topic near and dear to our heart, here at StackState!) 

TechStrong Research wants to know if you’re using observability in your IT environment and, if so, where you’re at in the process. Your responses will be incredibly valuable to the entire IT community. From our standpoint, we are not only eager to get a better idea of where the industry is at regarding observability, but most importantly, to learn how we can help organizations adopt observability and align their observability initiatives with business goals.

Questions are organized into four overall sections: observability goals, observability practices, implementation topics and demographic information. 

Topics covered in the survey and resulting research report include:

  • Business goals for observability

  • Challenges encountered when implementing observability

  • AIOps investment and value 

  • Response time/root cause analysis

  • MTTR

  • OpenTelemetry

  • Alert handling

  • Desired environment to observe 

  • IT components monitored

The Techstrong Research survey is anonymous and only takes a few minutes to complete. If you opt to add your name and email address, we will send you a copy of the final report. Finally, If all of this isn’t enough to convince you, we have thrown in a raffle for several lucky survey takers: a $250 or €250 Amazon gift card. You can enter to win the gift card at the end of the survey – but you have to take the survey, first. So, what are you waiting for? Take it today!

We look forward to your participation and feedback. For those of you who take it, thanks in advance for your input!

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