The Perfect IT Ops World

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Joey Compeer
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1. No more answering support emails.

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2. Your wife, family and friends fully understand your job. No more awkward explanations at birthday parties.


3. IT failures will be automatically resolved. Just Netflix and chill.

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4. Always be able to choose and work with the best tools to do your job.

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5. Your manager always allows you to buy new and cool hardware.

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6. No more chasing bugs and dealing with mistakes of others.

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7. You don't have to hide from sales people trying to look for your (technical) help.

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8. Your deploy never breaks other stuff. 

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9. Stop drowning in alert notifications. Stay focused.

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10. No more late evening or weekend requests from your boss. You're a free man.

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Unfortunately, this world seems a bit unrealistic. However, at StackState we're determined to simplify the lives of IT Ops. There are a lot of great tools available and we don't want to replace them. StackState acts as a portal to all your tools – they are just a click away so that you are always in control.

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