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Big Relationships Grow From Big Data: UMBRiO, StackState and Splunk

Jeroen bluecircle
Jeroen StormHead of Sales
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Until I came to StackState seven years ago, I was selling for Splunk. Everyone that has big data knows Splunk – big data, big data lakes, observability data, data analysis. Anything to do with data, Splunk is there!

While at Splunk, I had the good fortune to sign up a reseller by the name of UMBRiO. Together, with Erik Witte and his team, we sold a multi-million dollar deal to a large, multi-national bank in the Netherlands that put our partnership on the map. We went on to sell lots more Splunk deals, together, for several years. 

At the time, Splunk did not sell into accounts directly, they relied on resellers. My mighty UMBRiO reseller became the largest Splunk reseller in the Netherlands. Today, UMBRiO remains an Elite partner of Splunk, they are a Splunk-certified MSP, a Splunk authorized reseller and a Splunk Professional Services Practice Partner.

Fast forward to 2022. I am pleased to be working with UMBRiO again! This time, they are a StackState partner. We came together again, because both of our companies play nicely in Splunk environments. UMBRiO, with their long-established expertise in Splunk, and StackState, with our ability to ingest terabytes of data from Splunk and other data sources, unify and correlate it all and provide a single topology of a customer’s entire IT environment. The synergy between our companies and the value for our mutual customers is real.

The addition of StackState to UMBRiO’s portfolio enables UMBRiO to broaden the solutions they can offer their customers and, in so doing, deepen their customer relationships, too. Additionally, the bench of Splunk and now StackState experts at UMBRiO means they know how to make their customers successful. 

Our mutual customers using Splunk get a faster implementation because UMBRiO knows how to ensure high-quality, clean data is stored in Splunk. By offering StackState on top of Splunk for an observability platform, UMBRiO is protecting and enhancing the investments their customers have already made. Oh – and by the way, StackState can ingest data from any other data sources, too, in case there are more data repositories than just a single Splunk data lake.

The value we provide to organizations is a unified data fabric encompassing their entire IT environment. No more data silos – we’ll ingest data from anywhere and provide a visualization of the entire topology. You’ll see all the underlying business components and even dependencies and interrelationships between them all. When an incident occurs, no more panicked war rooms, no more finger pointing, no more time-consuming manual correlation of data from various data silos to get at the root cause. StackState will immediately point to probable root cause, no matter where in the IT topology it lives. We also store your topology over time, so you can travel back in time and see exactly what occurred in your environment just prior to the incident. MTTD and MTTR are much faster, and uptime increases. The result? You crush your resolution times! You’ll always know the state of your stack.

Seven years ago, I was focused on big data. Little did I know that focusing on big data would lead to big relationships. The long-standing relationship I have had with UMBRiO now extends across StackState. Together, we will do great things for our customers – just watch and “observe” us do it! Better yet, reach out and find out for yourself how we can help your organization.

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