Observability in Financial Services: Nationale-Nederlanden Bank

Annerieke Kortier
Annerieke KortierContent marketing manager
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In today’s world, there’s no lack of monitoring data. In fact, the amount of data DevOps and SRE teams are dealing with can be very confusing and overwhelming. 

Monitoring and observability for highly complex IT environments

Take Nationale Nederlanden Bank, for example. NN Bank is a large financial organization from Europe: more than 20 different teams are responsible for keeping the bank’s IT systems reliable, stable and up and running. Moreover, the bank’s IT environment is highly complex, consisting of legacy systems and ever-changing microservices running in different cloud environments. As a result, the different teams were using a range of solutions to monitor these parts of the environment - Solarwinds, Prometheus, AWS CloudWatch, Azure, etc.

All of these different monitoring tools were forwarding their data into a central data lake in Splunk. Even though all monitoring data was now in one place and Splunk enabled them to sift through and query all that data to get important information out, there was one major problem: NN Bank still lacked visibility into how all of their systems related, nor how changes to supporting IT components led to service failures. This resulted in less than ideal SLIs: decreased availability, higher MTTR, and ultimately, degraded customer experience. 

Sander Vijfschagt (Chapter Lead Testing and Monitoring at NN Bank) and his team knew something had to change. The team needed real-time detection of changes and full-stack visibility, to see how components and services are related, how they might ultimately affect customer experience, and do faster remediation.

Enter the world of (topology-powered) observability.

Join the webinar: Thursday, March 3 | 11 AM ET

We are very excited to announce that in our Driving Business Performance with Observability in Financial Services webinar, Sander will be sharing their story. Why did they start their observability journey? What does topology-powered observability mean and why was it so important for them to reach their goals?

More concrete, you’ll learn why and how NN Bank uses StackState’s topology-powered observability solution to: 

  1. Get better visibility into their entire stack,

  2. Improve Mean Time To Repair, and

  3. Significantly improve their Net Promoter Score.

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