ZenOps & StackState Partner for Kubernetes Observability Solution in France

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ZenOps and StackState form strategic partnership

ZenOps and StackState announce a partnership for the distribution in France of StackState solutions for Kubernetes problem detection and resolution, observability of containerized environments and application performance management. ZenOps will be able to offer these solutions to enterprises and the public sector, drawing on its technical expertise in cloud-native approaches and providing first-level support.

Integration with ZenOps' existing solutions catalog

StackState's observability approach and technology fit in perfectly with the catalog of solutions offered by ZenOps, such as SUSE Rancher and Neuvector for cluster administration and Kubernetes container security. The aim of this catalog is to simplify the Cloud Native services approach for businesses, with integrated offerings mastered by ZenOps' technical teams.

Expanding international presence through strategic collaboration

StackState is continuing its international expansion with a series of partnerships with Kubernetes integrators such as ZenOps. By combining cloud native expertise and this observability solution, ZenOps and StackState address a key issue in the growing usage and complexity Kubernetes environments. Being proactive to detect errors or failures, and facilitating decision-making to remedy errors or failures, enables maximum service availability to be maintained.

Enhancing problem detection and remediation capabilities

The solution brings key benefits to companies in their containerization projects. Thanks to its dependency maps, operations teams can go back in time to understand the chain of events that potentially led to a blocking issue, all through a highly visual graphical exploration. With just a few clicks, it is possible to understand the origin of problems, making it much easier to analyze and understand the consequences on other services and resources in the environment. StackState offers remediation guides, presenting the possible reasons for the problem encountered and the solutions required to resolve it. The whole process is simplified by the fact that the guide remains available on screen throughout the analysis and correction process. In this way, operations teams can carry out a retro analysis of all the errors, violations, alerts and notifications contained in the process logs involved in the incident, in order to provide the most effective correction guide.

Leveraging observability data to drive efficient operations

All observability telemetry data, such as CPU consumption and memory usage, are presented in dynamic dashboards, enabling all tracked events such as alerts, activities, context modifications and deployments to be correlated. In this way, operations teams can stay focused on the essentials with a single tool.

Executive insights on the partnership

“StackState is a powerful tool for incident management on Kubernetes architectures. Its ease of use convinced us: a single agent consolidates all resource dependencies and business impacts in a single tool, in real time. We are convinced of StackState's 360° observability model, which enables information to be shared between teams, leading to significant gains in terms of reduced downtime, optimized performance and simplified communication. We are delighted to add it to our catalog of solutions.” as Thierry Rangeard – CTO ZenOps explains.

“We are thankful to partner with ZenOps, marking a significant step in our journey towards expansion of our market reach in France. ZenOps’s expertise in cloud-native technologies, including SUSE, aligns perfectly with our Kubernetes observability solution. This partnership is a natural fit. Together, we are well positioned to deliver value to our customers, integrating with the existing tools and services offered by ZenOps.” says Andreas Prins, CEO, StackState.

For more information visit ZenOps and StackState.