Forrester names StackState as a key AIOps vendor

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Why Modern Technology Operations tools are essential

Making sure IT services are delivered smoothly is the core job of an infrastructure and operations leader, Forrester explains. When this delivery malfunctions, it could lead to customer dissatisfaction, inefficiency and lost revenue. Therefore, Modern technology operations are applying new technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to reduce the time it takes to identify the root cause of issues, proactively correlate events that signal future problems, and automate as many tasks as possible to provide the highest level of service assurance. StackState’s next-gen monitoring and AIOps platform is no exception in this trend among modern technology operations tools by applying AI and ML providing sooner and better insight and thus being able to avoid more incidents.

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How AIOps is applied on Modern Technology Operations tools like StackState

Forrester defines tools in the AIOps category as tools that use custom-designed AI/ML algorithms to provide a unified view of all components of a service, from code to infrastructure, by analyzing data from disparate monitoring tool sets. These systems help I&O teams consolidate data and find root cause much faster than is possible with unconnected monitoring tools.

StackState's Vision

StackState’s vision of AIOps aligns with that of Forrester’s because it utilizes current IT investments, by combining and analyzing metrics, logs, events and data beyond typical monitoring data, like Google Analytics, CMDBs, CI/CD tools, service registries, automation and incident management tools. StackState uses the variety of data it collects to learn about dependencies, allowing it to build a topology of dynamic IT landscapes in real time. By ‘rewinding’ the topology visualization in time, StackState instantly assists teams in discovering the root cause of incidents and how the impact of these incidents have propagated across on-premise, cloud and hybrid IT landscapes. 

How AIOps is reducing the MTTR

Forrester further states that this kind of technology across multiple disparate tool sets is a blessing to I&O teams with multiple monitoring silos and no current way to correlate the data across them. Because of the application of AI and ML, I&O teams are able to find the needle in the haystack during incident troubleshooting, reduce mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR), and show the aggregate performance of services. This is way more efficient than the current guessing game of tying data together from multiple sources and making a best estimate.

Start investing in AIOps today

Forrester places the AIOps category and StackState as a vendor into the invest quadrant of their Tech Tide Matrix (see figure 1 below). Together with DevOps Services and ESM. Modern technology operations tools in these categories have low maturity and high current business value. Often, these technologies are based on mature technologies but applied in new categories.

Forrester names StackState as a Key Vendor

Figure 1. Source: The Forrester Tech Tide: Modern Technology Operations, Q4 2019

Forrester acknowledges StackState

We’re excited to be acknowledged by Forrester as an AIOps vendor that helps I&O leaders to make data-driven decisions and automate actions to ensure business agility and stability. Besides this acknowledgement by Forrester, we are named a 2019 Cool Vendor by Gartner (get your freebie report here). If you want to learn more about AIOps, here are some resources for you to start with:

1. Gartner Market Guide for AIOps Platform 2. A guided tour of StackState's AIOps platform 3. IDC Research: StackState Applies AI Across Four Dimensions