Global Launch of StackState

Profielfoto O.Schouws
Olaf Schouws
2 min read

StackState consolidates multiple Dev/Ops tools in a full stack overview, provides insights into the health of the stack, automates problem finding and helps Dev/Ops engineers fix and prevent failures to create the Zero Downtime Enterprise. During the webinar we showed how StackState:

  • Sees real-time business service availability and health

Fulfill your SLAs or XLAs with a real-time view of services availability and health. StackState lets you track service uptime at a glance, with the business service view.

  • Reduces downtime with automated full stack root cause analysis

When business services turn orange or red, the view automatically expand, show the location and path to the technical component where the problem originates. With automated root cause analyses you don't lose time when it's downtime. 

  • Creates a single real-time view of your entire IT stack

StackState uses all available data from your existing monitoring, incident management, change management, provision, deployment and discovery tools to create a full stack overview. You get the big picture to keep everything up and running smoothly. 

  • Gives each Dev/Ops team its own view of the total stack

With StackState, it's easy to create a specific team view of the stack and share it with colleagues. This helps each team to focus on its specific components and services. 

Global launch StackState

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