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DASA includes IT thought leaders from around the world, and provides an independent and open platform to discuss, develop, challenge and co-create the baseline for the skills and competencies organizations require today and tomorrow. As a forerunner organization, StackState will work with DASA to:

  • Promote a knowledge and skills framework for DevOps, based on a defined set of principles

  • Generate awareness for the need for knowledge and skill development

  • Build and maintain a universal qualification program for DevOps

DevOps and Agile Go Mainstream

recent report by Gartner predicts that DevOps will evolve from a niche strategy to a mainstream strategy in 2016. And it is expected that a quarter of Global 2000 organizations will adopt DevOps. This means companies all over the world will be looking for talent who have  knowledge and understanding of DevOps.

We believe that DevOps and Agile offer us a powerful set of principles, guidelines and tools to improve the ability of businesses and nonprofit organizations to serve their stakeholders. Essentially, DevOps and Agile are about delivering value to customers in the form of working IT services that are improved as and when needed by the client. They combine a new way of organizing IT based on intense collaboration, with technical excellence and new cultural norms, to produce high-performance IT service delivery. Using principles derived from Lean - and Lean IT - DevOps and Agile form a powerful force that drives IT in the 21st century. 

Creating The Zero Downtime Enterprise

Our goal at StackState is to create the zero downtime enterprise and to ensure our customers can guarantee an optimal performance to their customers. We've developed StackState with the DevOps principles in mind. We create a management system that manages all DevOps tools and gives you a single dashboard with all the important aspects of the IT and Business services landscape for you and your team. This single pane of glass enables organizations to get insight across teams, tools and business.

About DASA

DevOps Agile Skills Association is a non-profit organization that provides an open, global community for DevOps and Agile skills development. It is organized as a community-driven platform open to participating member organizations to help define role-based competencies and learning curricula. For more information about DASA, please visit