StackState AIOps now integrates with Google Analytics

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Ingest your business metrics into an AIOps platform

StackState’s AIOps platform now integrates with Google Analytics and tracks telemetry such as page views, unique visitors and online transactions per minute. This integration enables I&O leaders to get more control on critical business processes and to create rapid feedback loops from Business teams to DevOps teams.

Google Analytics (GA) is often used to track site or webapp usage. The metrics GA stores are not just descriptive though. An unexpected drop in these metrics most likely indicates an issue with the site. Couple this with seasonality and anomaly detection and you have a way to monitor your site by checking end-user impact. Is your CPU load off the charts but your GA metrics are still on track? No problem. A minor slowdown in processing but your GA metrics plummet? Time to troubleshoot.

Align IT with business metrics and goals

Google Analytics can also help provide business-level metrics and impact. One of our customers, NS International, tracks order completion using GA. By multiplying the visitors to the order completion page with the average order size you can calculate a metric for revenue generated per hour. Now you can detect issues that cause your revenue to drop. 

Understand business impact

Like data from GA, StackState’s AIOps platform consolidates many different types of data from different sources. This creates full stack visibility. As a result, StackState understands where events occurred over time, including their up- and downstream dependencies. In this way, StackState reports the root cause and impact of issues in real-time. This analyses is visualized and presented through StackState’s unique topology interface and provides great insight as to where to focus remediation efforts.

StackState Mock 4T Model Topology Problems

Pascal Reijnders, Head of IT at NS International explains, “Our current monitoring tools are forwarding their (business and IT) data streams to StackState’s AIOps platform. This platform acts as a lens where the data will be focused into a single cross-domain perspective and analysis. This ensures higher productivity and rapid experimenting across our Business- and DevOps teams, while maintaining stability and business performance. In this way we are able to keep up with the time to market needs of the business.”

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