StackState announces Giga-level sponsorship of Splunk .conf2016

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Joey Compeer
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StackState will be demoing the Splunk integration for their IT operations platform, a solution for Business and IT managers including their DevOps teams, that provides unique insight into the health of the entire stack, from the hardware level all the way up to the business process level. We use advanced analytics to automate root cause analysis, spot unusual behavior and enrich Splunk’s data with metrics and events across the entire stack. StackState act as an umbrella layer over tools like Splunk and uses existing tools and data as relevant input to visualize the entire stack. By doing this StackState creates a solution that exceeds the insight of separate tools. No more manual reconciliation, but an automated way of working.

.conf2016 attendees will learn how to gain Operational Intelligence from machine-generated data by improving customer experience and service delivery, enhancing IT performance, shipping better code faster, providing timely business insights or reaching new levels of security in their organization. With more than 50 percent of the Fortune 100 in attendance, it’s the best place to learn how leading companies are using Splunk. Attendees will share best practices and discover new features to gain insights from their data. 

If you’re attending, don’t miss the StackState booth at #G11. Stop by to say hi, grab a t-shirt, eat a Dutch stroopwafel and learn how you can get insight into your entire stack with StackState.