StackState named a Key Vendor in Gartner's 2019 AIOps Market Guide

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The current state of AIOps

Before we go into the latest developments, it might be good to take a step back and look at the current market definition of artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps). Gartner defines it as follows: “AIOps platforms address I&O leaders’ need for operations support by combining big data and machine learning functionality to analyze the ever-increasing volume, variety, and velocity of data generated by IT in response to digital transformation”.

Gartner continues by defining and describing the AIOps market as platforms that “enhance a broad range of IT operations processes including, but not limited to:

The AIOps market is growing rapidly. Gartner estimates the size of the AIOps platform market at between $300 million and $500 million per year. By 2023, Gartner expects that 40% of DevOps teams will augment application and infrastructure monitoring tools with AIOps platform capabilities. 

Developments Within AIOps 2019

One of the main takeaways of this new Gartner Market Guide for AIOps is the distinction between Domain-Centric & Domain-Agnostic AIOps vendors. Gartner defines them as follows:


These vendors have the key components, but with a restricted set of use cases. They essentially do the same thing they did before but now they’re replacing rules, heuristics, and fingerprints with math (algorithms). These vendors are focused on one domain (for example, network, endpoint systems, or APM).


Vendors going to market with a general-purpose AIOps platform. These products tend to rely mostly on monitoring tools to perform data capture and cater to the broadest use cases.

In Figure 1 you see an overview of all the IT Operations tools that are currently leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AIOps). A detailed overview can be viewed in Gartner's new Market Guide.

StackState named a Key Vendor in Gartner 2019 Market Guide for AIOps
Figure 1 - Gartner's AIOps landscape.

Gartner anticipates that, over the next five years, wide-scope domain-agnostic AIOps platforms and narrow-scope domain-centric AIOps such as ITIM, APM, or ITSM suites will become the two paths for delivering AIOps functionality.

Start small, dream big

To start today with AIOps, starting small makes a lot of sense – you get to test the waters before committing large resources and relying on new technology. You learn fast and you risk little. With StackState you can start small and get measurable value delivered fast. On top of that, because of StackState’s unique position, we offer topology from day one. 

Topological analysis

Topology is knowing how different components of an IT system interact with each other. In their report, Gartner states the following about topology: “For the patterns that AIOps platforms detect to be relevant and actionable, a context must be placed around the data ingested. Using topology as part of causality determination can greatly increase its accuracy and effectiveness. Capturing where events occurred and what their up and downstream dependencies are using graph and bottleneck analysis can provide great insight on where to focus remediation efforts”.

Three times faster Root Cause Analysis with Topology

StackState provides a three times faster root cause analysis. Enabling businesses to reduce their mean time to repair (MTTR). This saves a lot of money and hassle. Including RCA, the three main use cases StackState provides in are:

  • Faster identification of root causes

  • Insight into the business impact of IT changes

  • Predictive analytics

At StackState we have prioritized topology from the very beginning and developed tools that make it automatically discover the relationships between components of the IT landscape. This way you can benefit from the real-time topology early on in your AIOps journey.

Best of both worlds

Gartner places StackState in the domain-agnostic quadrant of AIOps, and rightly so. StackState is built as an AIOps platform by design and is applicable to many use cases. However, you can also start small with StackState and go in-depth into one single use case. These features make StackState the best of both domain-centric and -agnostic solution out there.

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