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StackState earned this industry recognition as part of EMA's new research report on "Ten Priorities for Hybrid Cloud, Containers and DevOps in 2017," authored by Torsten Volk, EMA Managing Research Director. “Enterprise Management Associates research shows that operational complexity, the lack of a unified monitoring solution, and insufficient staff skills are the key bottlenecks of container adoption in 2017. The magic behind StackState is its ability to attack all three bottlenecks by keeping track of every aspect of an application, from the Rack-level all the way up to the application, server, and business process layer, even for external services," said Torsten.

According to EMA's report, "68 percent of enterprises are exploring container strategies today. The rapid growth in containers also intensifies the pressure to leverage machine learning-driven IT operations to cope with the added operational complexity, which is caused by applications consisting of short-lived microservices hosted on portable containers and shared between multiple apps."

The EMA report further states the challenges of containers and what to look for in a modern full-stack monitoring solution, "this dynamic character of container environments creates a whole new set of challenges that require monitoring tools to dynamically discover and continuously track constantly changing relationships and dependencies."

 “We believe that being recognized by EMA is a clear recognition of our vision, product innovation, and focus on the needs of enterprises, their IT teams, and business processes,” said Erik Driehuis, CEO of StackState. "We are committed to help companies around the globe save money and become more competitive by creating an error-free IT environment."

Full-Stack Monitoring for the enterprise

StackState delivers the world's first AIOps platform that provides a real-time overview of the IT stack by implementing a unified model. The model of StackState includes everything from on-premise to cloud services and from legacy applications to containerized microservices. StackState pulls in data from operational tools enterprises already working with: monitoring, container- and service management solutions, infra tooling and comes with an agent to fill the gaps where necessary. StackState makes sense of complex environments and existing technology investments.

Driehuis states, "we're obviously excited that StackState's technology is getting noticed. The market response to StackState has been tremendous and demonstrates the demand for a new and modern approach to full-stack monitoring."

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