The Ultimate Stay-at-Home AIOps Resource Kit

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Olaf Schouws
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The Ultimate Stay-at-Home AIOps Resource Kit


Demo's & Webinars:


Analyst Reports:

Data Sheets:

LinkedIn Groups:

Are you missing another great 'stay-at-home' resource that should be in this kit? Email me: I would love to hear from you.

About StackState

StackState's Topology and Relationship-Based Observability platform lets you more effectively manage your dynamic IT environment by unifying performance data from your existing monitoring tools into a single topology. Enabling you to:

  1. Decrease MTTR: Decrease MTTR by 80% by identifying root cause and alerting the right teams with the right information.

  2. Less Outages: Reduce the number of outages by 65% through real-time unified observability and more planful planning.

  3. Faster Releases: Increase application releases by 3X by giving time back to developers.