What You've Missed at SplunkLive! Utrecht 2017

Profielfoto O.Schouws
Olaf Schouws
2 min read

But there is one important thing that you’ve missed during SplunkLive! Utrecht 2017. That’s us. StackState 🙂

And that’s why we wrote this quick post to tell you more about how we enhance Splunk with our AIOps capabilities and why we’re confident this integration will revolutionize the way Splunk customers will get even more value out of their data.  

StackState gives you the power of an automated and up-to-date model with the flexibility to change the model to your own needs. Unlike Splunk which gives you the power of not having a predefined model and unlike APM tools which allows you to have a rigidly defined model.

Having this StackState model in place gives you the ability to:

  • Visualize your topology from hardware to business processes and from legacy systems to microservices (including their dependencies).

  • Automate root cause analysis to correlate errors and failures with changes in your environment.

  • Monitor the compliance of your environment and ensure IT components comply to certain standards and requirements. 

  • Proactive decommissioning and cost optimization.

We've build a time traveling graph database to accommodate this model. This gives StackState the ability to save each change in the topology as a snapshot of the entire graph in time. From a DevOps engineers' perspective these snapshots are incredibly valuable information. One can replay, visualize and programmatically analyze all changes, which are worth observing by some self-defined standard, of the entire stack at any time.

To learn more about our solution for Splunk please go here or reach out to our technical sales team for a live demo.