You’re Invited! Try StackState’s Hosted Demo Today

Profielfoto O.Schouws
Olaf Schouws
1 min read

If these sounds like challenges you face, StackState is for you! StackState applies AI-powered analytics to deliver the visibility, monitoring and intelligence needed to manage the complexity of today’s digital enterprises. Are you ready to see what StackState is all about and want to try it for yourself? Get started today by signing up for a free hosted demo and gain access to:

  • Hosted Demo Environment: explore and evaluate the functionality of StackState in a hosted sandbox environment. Full access in minutes, no need to install software.

  • Visualize Relationships: auto-discover the topology of your IT landscape and identify dependencies between business processes, services, applications and infrastructure.

  • Real-Time Monitoring:monitor the health of components and view metrics and events in the context of the topology.

  • Time Travel: understand the state the system was in when a certain problem occurred by going back in time and run over all changes.

  • Automated Root Cause Analysis: see how StackState identifies the origin of your problem and pinpoints where you need to correct the issue.

  • Impact Analysis: understand the possible impact on your service when you plan an activity.

Get started right here and we look forward to hearing from you soon.