Accenture Achieves 85% Reduction in Problem Resolution Time with StackState

3 min watch

Accenture myWizard is a highly intelligent automation platform powered by artificial intelligence: myWizard helps its users create, implement and measure automation strategies so that they become more productive and more effective.

Luke Higgins, managing director at Accenture, is responsible for the AIOps area of the platform. In this video, Luke explains why Accenture utilizes StackState to create an essential foundation for automated ticket resolution, correlating the 4Ts of observability –Topology, Telemetry and Traces over Time – across multiple systems. 

The results:

  • Up to 70% reduction in tickets from automating self-healing capabilities.

  • Up to 85% reduction in problem resolution time through faster, more accurate root cause analysis.


  • Luke Higgins, Managing Director at Accenture

3 min watch