Ramfis Adrichem Explains Why Visualization Is Crucial for Effective Monitoring and Observability

3 min watch

Nowadays, cybercrime is becoming more and more common. In an era where we're sharing so much personal data online, our data has become a real commodity. As a security specialist, Ramfis deals with cybercrime and threat handling all day long. To find and solve these problems, Ramfis relies on the human brain first and foremost. Before he can do that, he needs a clear overview of his IT environment including how the different services are related to each other. This is where topology-powered observability comes into play: it visualizes the complex relationships within his IT environment over time, so that he has better insights into "what's off" and can solve issues more effectively.

This summarizes a conversation we had with Ramfis on our podcast. You can listen to the full episode here.

Please note that Ramfis did this interview on a personal account and his statements reflect his personal opinions.

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3 min watch