Predicting business impact with AIOps

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SackState’s mission is to ease the complexities of running and evolving the digital enterprise by providing the means to achieve a high-quality, impact-free IT landscape. In order to achieve this StackState is developing a novel AIOps solution – Automatic Pre-Mortem Analysis. It is similar by the Post-Mortem Analysis performed by IT operators after a problem has occurred – it contains the information about the problem, its root cause and its impact. However, it is different because it is produced automatically BEFORE the problem has impacted the business.

Predicting business impact with AIOps

Automatic Pre-Mortem Analysis (for a more technical explanation, click here) is an AIOps tool that monitors the IT landscape and notifies the IT operators when it detects that an IT failure is about to happen and affect the business. It helps prevent IT incidents by providing a human IT operator with a timely report about future problems with enough information to understand and fix these problems.

Three crucial ingredients

StackState Pre-Mortem has three crucial properties: It is preventive, actionable and business- oriented.

Preventive - it can detect a wide range of IT incidents before they affect the business. A large portion of IT incidents do not happen instantaneously – they typically take time to develop and propagate through the system before affecting the business. This creates a window of opportunity to identify and address these issues before they start to harm the business. Actionable - in order to prevent the IT incidents from harming the business it is not enough to predict that “something bad will happen” – it is necessary to predict what exactly will happen and why. Contrary to existing predictive solution on the market Automatic Pre-Mortem Analysis does exactly that. It uses the 4T data model to make rich predictions, it predicts not only what will happen but also why. It identifies the probable root cause of the IT incident which enables the operators to immediately start fixing the problem. Business oriented - StackState keeps a razor-sharp focus on what matters to you – there is always something going on in complex IT systems so it is important to prioritize the issues which can potentially impact the business. This focus reduces the cognitive load on the team – they only get notified when something important is happening. Because Automatic Pre-Mortem Analysis provides information about the potential impact of a problem the IT operators can allocate adequate recourses to solve the problem.

The future of IT Operations

StackStates’ vision of the high-quality and impact-free IT landscape is about to come a reality with Automatic Pre-Mortem Analysis. It is the first and only AIOps monitoring technology in the world that is simultaneously preventive, informative and business- oriented. It is powered by Artificial Intelligence and StackState 4T data model. StackState Pre-Mortem helps IT operators identify, understand and fix IT problem before they impact the business.