End-to-End Observability for Telecom Services

Customer success story

Bolster customer happiness by delivering reliable services

The TV team at a leading global telecommunications company serves more than 20 million customers in nine countries with TV products. The team is responsible for delivering high-quality service 24x7 and making their customers happy.    

But digital transformation within their supporting infrastructure – adding virtual platforms, containers and microservices – was creating complexity and blindspots to understanding how different parts of the system impacted performance and, thus, customer satisfaction. The head of TV operations knew they needed to better understand dependencies between components so they could find problems, fix – and even prevent - issues and keep customers happy.  He turned to StackState to help.

Head of TV operations: “StackState is about stitching together silos of data, any type of data – from homegrown to data from commercial software packages - giving us one unified, end-to-end view and one single source of truth. Our experts can say ‘Let’s see how this thing is connected to that thing, and if it’s performing well.’”  

StackState - an end-to-end observability platform

Because the team can visualize their service in one unified view, they can understand what pieces are related and, just as important, what pieces are unrelated. When an issue arises, it’s easier for them to pinpoint the root cause and get the right people immediately involved. This drives decreased MTTR, greater efficiency and lower costs.  

With all of the data integrated into one view, they can also take steps toward automation and achieving their Zero Touch initiative.  According to the head of TV operations, “This will help customers see faster resolution times and higher availability as we increase the scale of delivery.”  

He continued: “StackState has been the perfect partner to help us set up this initiative and integrate the platforms, which lets us focus on our daily work of bringing the best service to our customers.” 

With StackState, we see how everything is connected, if everything is going well or if we’re struggling to deliver a proper TV service.