StackState Mentioned in Gartner's IT Performance Hype Cycle

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Olaf Schouws
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Like in their Hype Cycle for DevOps we wrote about earlier, StackState is mentioned as a key vendor in the IT Performance Hype Cycle. Read this blog post and get to know everything about this Hype Cycle.

Gartner's Hype Cycle for IT Performance

According to Gartner, IT Performance analysis "covers the spectrum of IT monitoring and analysis for interpreting health, performance and behavior of IT infrastructure, network and applications." At the center of IT performance goals are end-users like customers but also internal users like employees. Gartner's Hype Cycle delivers advice for Infrastructure and Operations (I&O) leaders on IT performance analysis practices, tools and technologies, and their visibility and market adoption. Similar to the 2020 DevOps Hype Cycle blog, Gartner's Hype Cycle looks at where a specific technology stands in time—ranging over five stages and the final stage being widespread adoption. Besides giving an update about its current maturity status, Gartner's Hype Cycles also indicate the amount of value a particular technology will provide and how long it will take before it can provide this value.

Current Status within the IT Performance Hype Cycle

Within the 2020 Hype Cycle for IT Performance Gartner distinguishes a few different technologies. Because StackState is mentioned as a key vendor within the Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps) technology, we will only focus on this technology in this blog. Just like with the DevOps Hype Cycle, AIOps is marked as being at the start of the "peak of inflated expectations" within the IT Performance Hype Cycle. Being in this stage means that there has been some early publicity about AIOps that have produced some success stories - often accompanied by failures. Some companies have already taken action adopting AIOps, while others are still waiting to do so.

Business Impact and Value

But what does this stage mean for business? And how much value does the AIOps technology promise to deliver? According to Gartner, the value that AIOps will provide will be transformational. This amount of value will enable new ways of doing business across industries that will result in significant shifts in industry dynamics. It's the highest possible value rating for technology within the Hype Cycle, setting the expectations high. Gartner predicts that AIOps will reach this highest level of value in five to ten years. But you can already see how it can impact your business and provide value today. Just schedule a demo with one of our experts right here or read a bit further first.

Our Vision on the IT Performance Hype Cycle

We are very honored to be mentioned again in one of Gartner's Hype Cycles. Just as their perspective on the market evolves over time, so does ours based on how our customers and product evolve. What we’ve seen recently is that what really sets StackState apart is our ability to correlate changes to failures using our time-traveling topology and the ability to identify dependencies between components across a customer’s environment. To that end we are moving to describing StackState as a “Topology-Powered Observability platform”. StackState virtually relates all of your data so you can answer the hard questions, such as what changed after a deploy and who should be concerned? With StackState you can start delivering reliable service and stop the blame game, enabling you to:

✔️ Decrease MTTR: Decrease MTTR by 80% by identifying root cause and alerting the right teams with the right information.

✔️ Have Fewer Outages: Reduce the number of outages by 65% through real-time unified observability and more planful planning.

✔️ Do Faster Releases: Increase application releases by 3X by giving time back to developers.

Sounds interesting? Take the next step and read this white paper to learn how your IT infrastructure can improve with three simple steps.