We Launched The StackPod! Here’s What We’ll Be Talking About

Annerieke Kortier
Annerieke KortierContent marketing manager
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The host of the show is our own solution engineer Anthony Evans and he will be talking to thought leaders in the observability world: SREs, (cloud) architects, IT leaders, StackState’s engineers, and many more. But that’s not all: we’ve also invited some guests about starting and building your career in tech, such as a career coach who’s worked for Facebook for several years and is now coaching tech leaders to build a career they love. We’re very much looking forward to sharing those episodes with you!

Let’s meet the guests of the first episode: Mark Bakker and Lodewijk Bogaards. They came up with the idea of - what is now - StackState about 6 years ago, learned a lot along the way (ups and downs, obviously), and Anthony talks to them about observability in a world that’s moving towards containerized and cloud-native environments, cloud spendings, StackState's product focus and more. A few highlights:

“At this moment, our biggest focus is really to nail down Kubernetes and AWS observability. Make sure that we give all the context to our users, and don't only rely on telemetry signals, but really know how everything is connected to each other. What is it changing in your environment and what's the real root cause of a problem?”

  • Mark Bakker, co-founder and Product Owner at StackState

“It doesn't make sense to know only the topology at a given point in time or at the current time, because once there is a failure, that likely will also cause more remediation events, and that means that the landscape changes from moment to moment.”

  • Lodewijk Bogaards, co-founder and CTO at StackState

You can listen to this first episode on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. Prefer to read? Here, you can find a written transcript of the episode including the episode itself. Enjoy the podcast!

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