Press Release: StackState’s v5.0 Release Delivers New 4T Monitors, Applying the Power of Topology to Transform Traditional IT Monitoring

Heidi Gilmore
Heidi Gilmore
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BOSTON & HILVERSUM, NETHERLANDS – July 7, 2022 – StackState, the only topology-powered observability company, today announced v5.0 of its observability platform. The release includes 4T® Monitors, a new capability that gives IT teams deep observability insights to support critical business applications, resulting in greater uptime and reliability. Other significant enhancements enable SREs, IT operations, DevOps and central platform teams to troubleshoot issues more quickly and maximize uptime of systems more readily. 

Deeper Observability With New 4T Monitors

4T Monitors add a new dimension to software monitoring – the ability to monitor topology data, along with telemetry and trace data. With 4T Monitors, StackState is the first platform to observe topology, providing much more extensive and sophisticated rule validation than other tools. Teams can trigger alerts based on any combination of changes in topology structure, topology metadata, metrics or events.

4T Monitors use the full power of StackState’s 4T Data Model, delivering powerful insights for IT teams and the businesses they support. For example, 4T Monitors provide:

  • Better insights that drive higher reliability – Teams have greater visibility into what’s going on across their IT environment and can be proactively warned before a failure becomes an outage.

  • Guard rails for all teams – Central SRE and platform teams can build extensive control mechanisms that ensure reliable, secure, compliant operations. Deviations from best practices will be quickly detected before problems occur.

  • SLO monitoring – Topology- and metrics-based monitors can be created to track Service Level Objectives (SLOs), so business units can continuously measure how well they are meeting their commitments. 

Other significant features in v5.0 supporting increased productivity, system uptime and reliability include:

  • Streamlined Troubleshooting With Improved Topology Visualizer - StackState’s visualizer displays your IT topology and shows how changes to inter-related components affect the entire stack. In v5.0, the visualizer UI provides a fresh, more intuitive design, lowering the learning curve and helping teams identify root cause more quickly. 

  • Quick Configurations and Queries With New StackState CLI - StackState introduces a new, powerful CLI, giving teams an ultra-fast and more convenient way to interact directly with the StackState platform. The new CLI also readily integrates with modern GitOps pipelines. 

  • Expanded Support for OpenTelemetry Traces - StackState previously offered support for OpenTelemetry traces on serverless AWS Lambda applications, built with Node.js. Version 5.0 adds the ability to capture traces from applications written in any language, with no integration required.  

  • Accuracy Feedback for AIOps Functionality - In v5.0, StackState extends its AIOps capabilities by enabling users to provide direct feedback to StackState about the accuracy and usefulness of flagged anomalies. StackState will use this feedback to optimize anomaly detection algorithms and further improve their accuracy.  

With these innovations and more, StackState v5.0 sets a new standard for observability, helping IT teams detect and locate problems faster than ever, increasing uptime and system reliability. 

“Our customers have always clearly understood the value that topology data delivers when trying to understand cause and effect in dynamic IT environments," said Andreas Prins, vice president, product at StackState. "With the introduction of our new 4T Monitors, we are shaking up the old world of IT monitoring by making topology a monitorable entity. For the first time, IT operations teams can proactively monitor the changing topology of their environment for unintended, unauthorized and potentially insecure combinations of connections between components. With this new category of insight, teams can deliver better service and outcomes for their business stakeholders and customers."

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