Google Cloud Welcomes Full-Stack Observability with StackState

Jeroen van ErpProduct Manager
5 min read

When Google Cloud welcomed StackState to offer our full-stack observability solution to their network of customers, we were thrilled. Our excitement only grew when Google invited us to join other partners this week at Google Cloud Next ’24 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas.

Google Cloud Next, which concluded yesterday, centered on how organizations worldwide are driving change with innovative solutions, boosting efficiency, empowering employees, engaging customers, and fueling growth — all of which hit our sweet spot: powering teams with better observability

Needless to say, we walked away excited by breakthroughs in AI and inspiring success stories from customers and partners around the world. As a new Google partner, we’re eager to contribute to the Google Cloud network and assist you in overcoming your most significant observability and troubleshooting challenges in the cloud.

StackState now available on Google Cloud Marketplace

In the dynamic world of cloud computing, collaborations among tech leaders drive the creation of innovative solutions that redefine how businesses leverage the cloud. Today, we want to highlight a significant partnership forged between StackState and Google Cloud. Together, we've joined forces to introduce StackState's comprehensive full-stack observability solution to all Google Cloud customers, marking the launch of StackState on the Google Cloud Marketplace.

As you know, Google Cloud collaborates with a diverse range of trusted and innovative partners to help enterprises innovate faster, scale smarter, and stay secure. The Google platform allows its partners to build on products to develop innovative solutions, opening up new avenues for our clients and pushing the boundaries of what's achievable in the cloud.

Reimagining Google Cloud observability with StackState

By being part of the Google Cloud marketplace, StackState redefines observability within the Google Cloud ecosystem by leveraging our advanced eBPF technology, seamlessly integrated with OpenTelemetry, the industry's gold standard for observability benchmarks. This integration guarantees a holistic 360-degree perspective of your entire Google Kubernetes environment.

For businesses fully immersed in the cloud or embracing a hybrid strategy, StackState's distinctive ability to construct a unified, interconnected topology of your IT landscape stands unrivaled. This capability enables precise identification of issues across your infrastructure, streamlining quick and effective remediation without the hassle of sifting through disconnected data points.

Our launch on the Google Cloud marketplace not only signifies a breakthrough in monitoring capabilities, it underscores the shared commitment of Google and StackState to advance cloud technology.

Streamlined purchasing through Google Cloud Marketplace

One of the most compelling aspects of this launch is how easily businesses can utilize their committed Google spend. For organizations already benefiting from Google’s committed use discounts (CUDs), purchases made through the Google Cloud Marketplace count towards fulfilling these commitments. Plus, this transaction can be made easily using the standardized End User License Agreement.

Best of all, using powerful eBPF instrumentation with our 100% OpenTelemetry compatibility, you’ll get 100% visibility of your entire stack in minutes. With it, StackState helps engineering teams who run workloads on Google Cloud in various ways, including:

  1. Maximizing cloud potential with Dependency Maps

  2. Accelerating issue resolution through Guided Remediation

  3. Unifying operations with Dynamic Dashboards

  4. Proactive monitoring with expert best practices

Celebrating a milestone in cloud computing

The debut of StackState on the Google Cloud Marketplace extends beyond a mere listing. It signifies a shared vision between Google and StackState aimed at empowering businesses with a state-of-the-art observability solution. 

As we mark this significant milestone, we invite you to explore how StackState can enhance your Google Kubernetes environment, unlocking new possibilities for growth and innovation. 

Explore StackState on the Google Cloud Marketplace.